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Our "Green" Facility

Our facility is the first LEED® certified (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) or "green" treatment center in the nation.

For many years, the United Hospital District Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago has been providing treatment for chemically dependent youth. The primary focus has always been on preserving and protecting the health and well being of future generations, so it was important to incorporate the well being of future generations into the facility’s design.

Sustainable design not only makes a positive impact on public health and the environment, it reduces operation costs, potentially increases occupant health and productivity and helps create a sustainable community.

To reduce the overall impact of the building environment on human health and the natural environment United Hospital District Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago has followed sustainable design principles by:

  • Maintaining sustainable building sites
  • Preserving energy and atmosphere
  • Using water and water resources efficiently
  • Recycling building materials
  • Using regionally produced products and certified wood products from sustainable forests
  • Preserving and sustaining indoor air quality, lighting and HVAC (environmental control) systems

We also provide a green curriculum that educates our clients on the importance of taking care of their environment and how to take advantage of the unique functions of our facility. At the end of the curriculum they will be able to apply what they have learned about sustainable practices into their own lives.


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